About us

The company

Lumpa is a company that was founded in 2020 by Pius and Max as a registered GmbH. The idea is to offer an efficient, sustainable, social and relaxed product that guarantees a feel-good atmosphere.


Each of our wooden lamps are created during a long process of finding patterns and ideas. At the beginning we cut the patterns out of paper, then cardboard. It was only later the idea of using wood became known to be the right material for us. Producing sustainable and long-lasting lamps is only possible with the right material.Nature and the environment are very important to us and we want to take the responsibility of our generation seriously. That is why we decided to make lamps out of plywood.


Our lamps are from Leipzig. Our workshop and office are also in Leipzig, where we meet regularly and not only discuss Lumpa – but also about environmental protection and sustainability.


Lumpa is a product that is supposed to conjure up an unforgettable atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. Each Lumpa can be installed as ceiling lighting or decorative light and is delivered as a finished kit. The special thing about our product is the DIY aspect that is created by assembling the Lumpa. Thanks to the plug-in system, every customer can assemble his Lumpa himself at home. Assembling it takes a little focus and that’s where awareness begins – from the process of building up to relaxation in the light of the Lumpa, all steps are part of the unique experience.



For us, quality plays just as important a role as low resource consumption.


Each Lumpa is made of plywood, which saves additional resources.


We are all friends and want one partnership-based cooperation together.


Feeling good and being conscious is a way of life for us.

The Team

We are a team of 6 young people who have the dream to contribute. Lumpa is a project that none of us want to get rich with. We built the company to make a difference and to offer a product that invites you to relax and dream.


Max is a managing director of Lumpa. Max developed the idea for the product over several years and brought Pius on board in 2019. Max is a carpenter and with Lumpa has combined his creativity with craftsmanship.


Pius is also a managing director of Lumpa. Pius pulls all strings and is our man for everything. Pius takes care of legal matters, organisation and planning. He's the one you call when something goes wrong.


I am Anna. I write the texts for our posts on Facebook, Instagram and our website.


Gesine is our photographer. Gesine takes all the photos that can be seen on the website, Facebook and Instagram. She uses her studio or invites us into the forest while she takes photos there.


Anton is our online marketing specialist. He simply always has everything in view and maintains and analyzes our platforms with the greatest care. Anton takes care of SEO and our social media presence in equal measure.


Marcus is our web designer and marketing expert. Marcus created the entire website and always places words and images in the right place, even on social media.

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